Legal support

  • Migration queries (migration registration, obtaining the right to temporary or permanent residence, admission to the citizenship of the Russian Federation)
  • Administrative debates (appeal against actions (inaction) of officials of state and municipal bodies, including law enforcement, administrative fines, arrest, expulsion, etc.)
  • Civil debates  (inheritance, copyright, housing and land issues, alimony and contractual obligations, financial issues - fulfilment of credit obligations, illegal actions of banks and collectors, bankruptcy, etc.)
  • Labour debates (violation of the employee's labour rights, including non-payment of wages, illegal dismissal from work, etc.)
  • Criminal prosecution (conducting a pre-investigation check, initiating a criminal case, disagreeing with the actions and decisions of the court and officials conducting the criminal prosecution)
  • Social issues (assignment of pensions for disability, old age, receiving benefits, etc.)

In case you need help of a specialist after getting a consultation to solve specific problems, we will assist in the selection of qualified and trustworthy specialists from among our partners who will provide services on preferential terms.
To get an advice you can contact one of the following ways
8 800 250-03-30
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350078, г. Краснодар, ул. Тургенева 165 (территория Армянской Апостольской Церкви)
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