Media group Kuban Arm

The “Kuban Arm” media group of the Regional Armenian National-Cultural Autonomy of Kuban began its work in March 2021. The activities of the media group are covered on the official website, in various social networks and video hosting sites, which present projects such as interviews with successful people of Armenian origin, revelations of amazing people worthy of attention, cultural and educational programs, thematic master classes, documentaries and entertainment stories. We introduce viewers to Armenian history and culture, sports achievements and current news.

During its existence, the media group has hosted many famous guests; cultural figures, world-famous athletes and simply interesting personalities.

A significant event for our entire team was the official registration of the media group as an electronic media outlet on August 29, 2022.

Миносян Джульетта Багратовна
Миносян Джульетта Багратовна
Leader, главный редактор
8 800 250-03-30
350912, Krasnodar, st. them. Evdokia Bershanskaya, 416/2
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